Developing Cures and Preventative Medicines for Emerging Diseases

The Cutting Edge of Medical Technology and Research

At Healion Bio, we aim to improve health by rapidly developing drugs, vaccines and technologies to fight some of the world’s most troubling and unaddressed diseases. We combine excellence in science with entrepreneurial creativity so we can be nimble, innovative and responsive. We partner with pharma companies, universities and government labs to get to a safe, workable solution quickly.

About Healion Bio

Healion Bio was founded by Dr. Sina Bavari and Simon Newman with the purpose of rapidly developing drugs, vaccines and technologies to fight some of the world’s most troubling and unaddressed diseases. 

We believe in a layered defense against diseases which includes diagnostics, vaccines, prophylactics and therapeutics. Our focus is on developing cures and preventative medicines for emerging diseases that currently have few or no treatments.

To achieve our vision it is critical for us to innovate and we do that best through collaboration. We plan to in-license advanced stranded assets from Pharma and Government labs and develop these through Phase II using government or foundations to wholly/partially fund the development of workable, cost-effective solutions.

Dr. Sina Bavari

Dr. Sina Bavari

Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Sina Bavari is the co-founder of Healion Bio. He is the lead (non-gov) scientific adviser to the World Health Organization on COVID-19. He has spent over 30 years developing rapid response prophylaxis, therapeutics and vaccines to some of the World’s deadliest infectious diseases.

Prior to co-founding Healion Bio, Sina was the Chief Scientific Officer and Scientific Director at USAMRIID (US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases), where he spent over twenty years leading the discovery and development of countermeasures for diseases such as Ebola, Marburg, Zika, Smallpox, Sudan, Nipah, alpha viruses, Anthrax and many others.  He has worked extensively with the FDA to successfully develop clinically proven vaccines and therapeutics for many so-called envelope viruses like COVID-19.

Sina has published over 300 scientific papers and contributed to ~15 drug development candidates, 30 patent and many IND filings.  His work has been published in many of the leading scientific journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell, Cell Hosts, New England Journal of Medicine and many others. He has degrees from USC, and the University of Nebraska where he received his PhD in Immunotoxicology and Pharmaceutical Science.

Simon Newman

Simon Newman

Co-Founder and CEO

Simon Newman co-founded Healion Bio with Dr. Bavari.  He is a serial entrepreneur, business executive and former private equity investor.  During his career, he has raised over $3BN in equity commitments to support ventures and bids, and he has delivered more than $250 million in annual performance improvements for businesses he has run or helped transform. He began his career at LEK, Bain and Wasserstein & Perella and has lived and worked on three continents. He has degrees from Cambridge University (BA/MA hons Natural Sciences) and Stanford (MBA).