Dr. Sina Bavari

Dr. Sina Bavari - Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Sina Bavari is the co-founder of Healion Bio. He is the lead (non-gov) scientific adviser to the World Health Organization on COVID-19. He has spent over 30 years developing rapid response prophylaxis, therapeutics and vaccines to some of the World’s deadliest infectious diseases.

Prior to co-founding Healion Bio, Sina was the Chief Scientific Officer and Scientific Director at USAMRIID (US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases), where he spent over twenty years leading the discovery and development of countermeasures for diseases such as Ebola, Marburg, Zika, Smallpox, Sudan, Nipah, alpha viruses, Anthrax and many others.  He has worked extensively with the FDA to successfully develop clinically proven vaccines and therapeutics for many so-called envelope viruses like COVID-19.

Sina has published over 300 scientific papers and contributed to ~15 drug development candidates, 30 patent and many IND filings.  His work has been published in many of the leading scientific journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell, Cell Hosts, New England Journal of Medicine and many others. He has degrees from USC, and the University of Nebraska where he received his PhD in Immunotoxicology and Pharmaceutical Science.

Simon Newman

Simon Newman - Co-founder and CEO

Simon Newman co-founded Healion Bio with Dr. Bavari who he met in 2015 while he was leading a turnaround of the largest local University to USAMRIID. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded or co-founded six businesses. He spent ten years working in private equity and M&A where he helped close over $30 BN in transactions. He has led or co-led investments of $300 million that have generated over $2BN in value. As a CEO and transformation executive, he has delivered more than $200 million in annual recurring profit improvements, creating over $2.3BN for investors. Earlier in his career he worked for Bain & Co and LEK Consulting where he helped open offices all over the world. He has also worked for Canal+, Liberty Media, and the investment bank Wasserstein & Perella. He studied sciences at Cambridge University (BA/MA hons Natural Sciences) and business at Stanford (MBA).

Management Team

Dr. Pat Iverson

Dr. Pat Iversen - Lead Pharmacologist

Pat is the chief scientist covering PK and pharmacology related to Healion’s drug candidates. He has over three decades experience working in biotech. Previous companies include Sarepta Therapeutics.  Pat is a lecturer in pharmacology.  He earned is PhD at the University of Utah.

Dr. Robert Lenk

Dr. Robert Lenk - Chief non-Clinical

Dr. Lenk is the lead non-clinical scientist.  He has an outstanding track record in biotech having co-founded five pharma companies including Liposome Company, Argus Pharma, Therapeutics 2000, Luna Innovations, and MediVector.  He has extensive experience working with antivirals and especially Favipiravir.  He earned his PhD at MIT.

Dr. Carol Epstein

Dr. Carol Epstein - Lead Clinical

Carol has spent two decades working as a director of clinical studies or CMO for biotech companies including Fuji, MediVector, IRX, Immunogen, Ayerst Labs. She has earned science degrees and a PhD from Yale and MIT.

Dr. Dena Grayson

Dr. Dena Grayson - Medical Advisor

Over twenty years operating as a CMO or leading business development.  Dena’s prior experience includes working with Amgen.  She has completed significant antiviral work on countermeasures to Ebola, Marburg, Yellow Fever and Zika. She has earned an MD and PhD from the Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Donna Ward

Dr. Donna Ward - IP/Legal

Patent Attorney with two decades experience in biotech. Lead IP counsel for Moderna. Lead IP executive at Alnylam and Isis Pharma. Donna earned a PhD at the University of Kentucky and postdoc work at Vanderbilt.

Development Advisory Board

Dr. Antonin de Fougerolles

CEO at Evox Therapeutics; CSO Ablynx; CSO Moderna Therapeutics; VP Alnylam.  Over 20 years’ experience in drug development, clinical trials and NDA. Tony earned his PhD at Harvard.

Dr. Richard Whitley

Dr. Richard Whitley

Lead outside director Gilead Sciences. NIAID lead Collaborative Antiviral Study Group. Currently Dr. Whitely serves as the distinguished professor pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Alabama.  He has over 35 years’ experience developing antiviral drugs including Remdesivir and Vidarabine.

Col® Dr. David R. Franz

Col (R) Dr. David R. Franz

Former Commander USAMRIID.  Leading biodefense scientist. Expert on biological countermeasures and warfare agents.

John Maki

John Maki

CEO Bayesian Biotech, Jade River Pharma, Vicus Therapeutics, Consynance Therapeutics. Former Managing Director TDI, Audax Group and Bain Capital where he led healthcare and biotech investments.